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We offer a range of health products centered around the powerful ALOE FEROX plant. Our flagship product, Jigsimur drink, is a dietary supplement derived from this remarkable plant, which is primarily found in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Extracted with utmost care & hygience

by a reputable organization in South Africa, our product harnesses the natural detoxifying and cleansing properties of Bitter Aloe to promote general well-being. It has been known to benefit individuals with terminal illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine, insomnia, arthritis, and associated symptoms

Our History

Jigsimur is officially introduced into the North and South American market by the founders of Jigsimur America, LLC

The Jigsimur America, LLC is the sole manufacturer’s representative in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. The founders who have been in corporate America and business for decades believe that prohealth is the key foundation for human development and wealth building. 

Jigsimur drink was originally formulated by Dr. Jonathan Smith who personally experienced the transformative effects of the bitter aloe extract. Diagnosed with debilitating cancer in 1998, he combined the extract with prescribed medications and made a full recovery within a year. 

Dr. Jonathan lived a fulfilling life for another two decades before passing away in his eighties. Prior to his demise, he entrusted his family with continuing the production of Jigsimur drink, ensuring that its cleansing power could benefit people worldwide.

Distribution in North and South America

As the manufacturer’s representative in North and South America, including the Caribbean, Jigsimur America, LLC facilitates the distribution of Jigsimur products globally.

Supplement Facts

Additionally, it provides a rich source of essential elements like manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, and other trace minerals. The specific amount per serving and the percentage of daily value are clearly labeled for your convenience.


One of the plants changing the World

  • The plant also know as CAPE ALOE is a native of South Africa
  • It’s known for medicinal uses and a common addition to cosmetics, tonic drinks and energy drinks.

Used in the aid healing of various diseases such as gout colon cancer, skin cancer, thrombophlebitis.

RICH IN AMINO ACIDS (the building blocks for new cells which make up healthy skin), Aloe Ferox contains almost double the amount of amino acids compared to Aloe Vera.


  • The Leaf gel of Aloe Ferox is a moistening, cooling, soothing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial gel.
  • It also applied topically to wound, burns, eczema, abrasions and bruises.
  • Contains over 130 biological compounds
  • It can be prepared as a decoction from leaves, which is applied to venereal sores (Watt & Breyer-brandwijk, 1962).
  • The dark sap and gel are used in the treatment of dermal wounds to stimulate wound closure, healing as well as prevent bacterial Infection. 

It can be used in the aid healing of diabetes, rheumatism, lung cancer, leukemia, digestive candidiasis and obesity.

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